Outsource your ID verification process

Evalid: Identity Verification as a Service

At Evalid we provide Identity Verification as a Service. Meaning we do the entire identity check for you, instead of just providing you with the software. Our experienced agents work around the clock to check and verify every entry, making sure we don't miss a thing.

Verification as a Service reduces cost and prevents identity fraud

Prevent fraud

Reduce the risk of fraud, spoofing, and presentation attacks by verifying identities online.

Speed up onboarding

Significantly reduce the time taken to onboard new clients, applicants or employees.

Integrate using an API

Easily integrate a fully functioning ID verification into your own systems by using our API.

Validate identities from €1,50 per check

Compliance does not need to be expensive! No fixed-term contracts, no hidden costs, no compromise. Reduce onboarding costs by choosing a price model suited to your needs!

How our Verification as a Service works

Intuitive process for your client & swift handling by our agents.

Show ID document
Take a selfie
We verify and match both
Verification completed

Your trusted verification partner

Evalid is an Identity Verification as a Service company. You won't need additional staff to wade through all incoming verifications, we'll just do it for you! We empower businesses to onboard with confidence and detect risks associated with digital verification.

Features to verify your client's identity

Identity Verification as a Service accelerates and simplifies ID checks without compromising KYC and AML compliance. We do this by using built-in anti-fraud controls, document verification, and biometrics such as face liveness detection. Afterwards, the verifications are always checked by our agents to secure a valid outcome.

A global verification coverage

With our extensive network of resources we are able to perform online verifications of 4500 different ID’s from over 200 countries.

Biometric selfie & liveness

We are capturing unique and individual facial characteristics of the verified person. This will secure the validation of the identity.

Anti-spoofing in place

By using biometric analysis we are able to compare the user’s face with the provided ID document and confirm that the customer is who they claim to be.

Automatic data extraction

Personal data such as name, date of birth, nationality and country, is being extracted automatically from the provided ID document.

Why use an Identity Verification Service?

  • Our agents verify identity documents for you
  • Supporting multiple document types per jurisdiction
  • Agent-assisted video call verification possible
  • View reports and audit trail
  • Web and mobile optimised
  • API available for quick integration

Eliminate your manual checks

For you, customer onboarding does not have to be a manually intensive and costly process. For a set price per verification, you can outsource identity verifications to Evalid. All that your customers need is a mobile device and official ID document to prove their identity. Say goodbye to the ineffective paper-based verifications and having your own personnel dealing with this process, and let us do the heavy lifting for you!

Don’t waste your IT resources!

Really, don't. There's no need to develop your own identity check. We've got you covered. Since we offer full functionality through the API, our identity verification will fit into any existing IT environment with minimum development effort. Easily integrate the Evalid identity check into your own system and let us handle your verifications for you. Focus on your core business and never worry about fraud again!

Get started with an online solution!

Let an expert show you how easy it can be to integrate our identity verification into your onboarding process. Whether it be within your app, on your website or as an addition to an existing system. Request more information here and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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