5 Reasons Why Identity Verification is a Must in the Hiring Process 

Working in the Human Resource department has evolved, and it is now more complex than ever because of the ever-changing legislation. For example, in the UK, HR departments and recruitment agencies must comply with the Right to Work requirements. 

You need to check whether an applicant meets all the legal checks for working in the UK. Besides, you also need to check an applicant’s identity, including verifying visas and ID documents.

Document identity checks are vital because of the following reasons: 

1. Protects your Organization 

A company that verifies employee documents and identities reduces their risk of exposure to financial risks. When you employ an individual, they will have access to your company records and finances, and if their identities are fake, it exposes you to fraud. 

Besides, it will be costly for your organization to hire a false employee because you will have to seek a replacement and incur additional training costs when you find out that their details are fake. Through a proper check, such unnecessary costs are avoided. 

2. Checking forged documents 

In the UK, you need to check if an employee complies with Right to Work legislation. However, even if an employee meets these checks and submits forged documents, they will still not be viable to work in the UK.

As a recruitment agency or when working in HR, you need to be confident that the people you are hiring are who they say they are, hence the need for an ID verification check.

This is where a dedicated ID verification service like Evalid comes in handy.

3. Keeps Fraudulent Applicants at Bay 

When you conduct thorough ID verification checks, whether manually or digitally, it will deter fraudulent applicants from applying to your organization. It would help if you also advertised that your agency conducts ID checks because this will make the whole verification process easy for you. After all, applicants who are not genuine will then refrain from applying. 

4. Shows Proactiveness

When you conduct thorough identity checks, it shows that you are proactive in complying with the set regulations. Besides, it makes the audit process straightforward and reduces your exposure to fines and penalties. 

If you have complied with the set regulations and have kept records of the document verification, you will have a strong defence if a fraudulent employee manages to sip through the net. 

5. Enhances Consistency in the Hiring Process 

When you have ID checks in place and abide by the Rights to Work rules, it prevents biases in the hiring process. Having a transparent approach to the hiring process builds your reputation and strengthens your brand as a trustworthy hiring agency. 

In Summary  

HR departments can use several ways of verifying identity. The most advanced way of doing this is through automated verification systems that offer more sophisticated checks and maintain applicant records. 

You can easily integrate an ID check into any existing hiring process, with prices starting at €1,50 per check.

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