How to react when you uncover falsified identity documents 

The process of checking whether a document or ID is fake or genuine is easy, especially if you have an ID verification system. Many mechanisms have been put in place to enable a business to have an easy time verifying these documents. 

However, there is limited information on how a company needs to handle fake documents when they uncover them.

Read on to find out more on what to do when your identity verification system flags a document for being falsified.

Be proactive

The first thing you need to do is to be prepared for any eventuality. Train your employees on how to react when they discover a fake document. Remaining calm in the situation will protect not only them but also your business. 

In your hiring process, you need to indicate that you conduct thorough ID checks. This will discourage fraudulent applicants from applying.

Moreover, automated ID systems keep copies of every document, whether fake or genuine. Automated systems also help you check documents away from applicants, reducing safety risks after discovering fake documents. 

Have procedures in place 

The automated verification system will identify falsely provided documents after scanning through, they will be automatically saved.

If a document fails to pass the identity checks, follow the defined procedure on how to handle the failing verification. Usually an email will be sent out to the applicant with the information that the application was not accepted.

It is also advisable to leave room for “Innocent until proven guilty” by sending an email to the applicant informing them to submit alternative documents through the verification system.

It is also best to consult with another team member about the issue to help you make an informed decision. 

Take action 

When your system flags a document as fake, you need to be responsible by reporting them anonymously on the relevant government websites. Providing your company details could also help you build credibility with oversight agencies.

An automated ID verification system will also maintain all the applicant’s documents for future reference if a government agency requests them.

If need be, you could send copies of these documents to the nearest authorities. 

Take measures to prevent further fraud 

Once an applicant submits false details, you need to circulate their names to other hiring personnel to ensure they are on the lookout. Even if they submit the right documents the second time, you need to conduct full investigations because they have already conducted fraud once.

Doing this will make your agency look responsible and protect other recruitment agencies from falling victim.

Our identity verification service helps you accept identity documents with confidence and highlight any suspicious documents. To find out more about how an ID check can help your recruitment, get in touch!

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