Negative Impacts of Hiring Employees without Proper Verification Checks

If you do not want the bad exposure of hiring illegal employees, you have to ensure that you perform a thorough identity verification check. Hiring people who are not genuine can harm your business financially, organizationally and legally. 

The fake ID making process has become so advanced that it can be hard to know if an ID is fake by just looking at it. Hence, you need more mechanisms in place that will do thorough checks. 

Cases of identity theft have been rampant, according to a report from last year, 1.4 million complaints were for identity theft, up from 651,000 in 2019.

These were the reported cases alone; hence the number could be much higher. As a company, you need to be vigilant to ensure you are doing all the proper checks. 

Causes of Employment Related Fraud 

There are several reasons why people commit employment-related fraud. The most common reason why people hide their identity is because they want to hide something from their past and do not want people to know who they are.

However, some people might hide their identity for malicious reasons, such as willingly damaging your business and trying to get hold of sensitive information. 

check resume cv for background

If you are in a highly competitive sector, you might fall victim to industrial espionage by unknowingly hiring employees of your competitors. Another applicant could also falsify their academic and work experience records to get hired to a position they are not qualified for. 

The causes of employment fraud can also be criminal such as an individual who wants to embezzle funds from your organization. Others also do so to infiltrate your network and gain access to customer digital records within your company. 

Despite the motive, employment-related fraud has many negative impacts on your business. 

How to protect your Business from Employment Related Fraud 

Employment-related fraud can happen to any business, whether big or small. Hence, every organization needs to put mechanisms in place that will ensure those with malicious intentions do not infiltrate your network. 

The best way to protect yourself as a company is through proper identity verification processes.

You can verify the identity manually or using an automated system. The preferred option to implement an automated identity verification system and service.

If all the firms that have fallen victim to identity fraud had verified user details, they would not have suffered any damages. 

If your business operates in a high-risk area or you are hiring for a top position, you can engage the services of a professional company that will do all the ID checks for you.

While the manual process could be long and costly, outsourcing this process to an identity verification service provider will save you time, money and legal wrangles in the future.

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