Identity verification

Online identity verification service with all the functionality you would expect from a leading platform

Next generation online identity verification service empowers businesses to verify persons remotely, safely, and securely.


Features to verify your customer's identity

Using advanced in-built anti-fraud controls, document verification, and biometrics such as face liveness detection, Evalid accelerates and simplifies ID verification without compromising KYC and AML compliance.

Perform online real-time verification of ID's, birth certificates, age, email addresses and phone numbers
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Capture unique data about an individual’s characteristics - voice, facial recognition, video, and selfie
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Adopt security measures against Biometric Presentation Attack Detection (anti-spoofing).
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Improving efficiency by adopting proven industry practices standards such as Instant document capture and optical character recognition (OCR)
Automate the extraction of personally identifiable data such as name, date of birth, nationality, and country of residence with ease and simplicity
Online ID card checks including passport, drivers license, nationality identity card, and residency card

Regain the balance in your verification process

Secure identity verification is a crucial part of safe business practice and online security. Businesses must verify that a person is real and present. But identity verification is not as straight forward as it seems. If ID verification is taking too long customers abandon sign-up. If checks are basic, you may leave yourself exposed to the threat of criminals. Striking the right balance is paramount.


Benefits of online identity verification

  • Reduce friction by removing bottlenecks and improving straight-through processing
  • Have total control over the ID verification process
  • Verify birth certificate online along with other identity documents such as a passport or drivers’ licence
  • Increase top-line growth by a streamline service and a quicker time-to-revenue
  • Reduce costs and save money by using a cost-effective and transparent solution
  • Easy to implement with third party data and systems using developer friendly APIs

Get started with an online solution!

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What exactly is identity verification?

Identity verification ensures that a real person took a certain action online and proves that the person is who he or she claims to be. This is particularly useful in preventing both a person from carrying out a process without authorization and creating false identities or committing fraud.

Identity verification is essential in most processes and procedures both on- and offline. From opening a bank account to completing tax procedures electronically. In many industries, the identity verification process is known as the KYC (Know Your Customer) process. Online, this process is usually called eKYC (electronic KYC).

Verifying online, almost the same as offline

In the traditional face-to-face process, someone visits an organization and delivers an identity document. The clerk can verify that the photograph corresponds to the person who is delivering the document. A photocopy of the document is made, a form is filled out and we're ready to proceed with next steps.

Online identity verification is a bit of a different process since there is no person physically present who can check the validity of an ID and see if it corresponds with the person who delivered it. Some of it is the same though. Online, an individual presents government-issued identity documents to verify their identity, just as they would in person.

How the typical identity verification process works online

Different types of authentication methods have been developed for online channels. Online ID authentication uses techniques to verify whether government-issued IDs belong to users. However, not all techniques have the qualifications necessary to run the process safely and reliably.

A method that does not meet today's security standards for remotely verifying the identity of a person, is to use only pictures and selfies. It is common practice in low-risk operations albeit they are not completely reliable and safe.

However, video authentication is secure and complies with legal requirements of remote verification.

Solutions such as Evalid use video streaming and artificial intelligence to improve overall reliability and efficiency. There are cases where agent assisted personal authentication is used. This authentication method requires a short video call with the user, where he or she shows himself with their ID. The agent ensures that the person depicted on the ID is the same person who has the ID in possession.

How the ID verification process works at Evalid

The eKYC process consists of remotely verifying the identity of people online. All your clients need is a device with a camera and an internet connection. Here is how the process works:

  1. The user who wishes to register enters the Evalid process through another company’s platform. We will first ask permission to use the device’s camera.
  2. The user is asked to show the ID document on both sides. After that, the user takes a selfie and takes a liveness detection test in the form of a video selfie.
  3. A team of qualified agents validate the identity, documents, selfie and liveness check.
  4. Evalid sends an OK to the company if the verification passed the test.
  5. Your client can proceed with onboarding, finalizing the process.

For who is online ID verification useful?

Where ID checking is manually performed, online identity verification can be performed remotely and be advantageous. Remote ID verification saves time and creates a more efficient process - the applicant can perform the required actions no matter where they are – and from any device. There are numerous opportunities this presents, making ID verification extra attractive for:

  • Businesses hiring remotely working employees.
  • Online businesses offering age-restricted products or services.
  • Real estate agents finalizing a rental agreement.
  • Telecommunications providers signing up a new customer to a phone contract.

Company perks of using an online check

For companies, automated identity verification technology improves the user experience, as it allows users to complete registrations and transactions much quicker. This drastically reduces abandonment of the onboarding process. In addition, it helps reduce online fraud, a problem that leads to millions in losses each year.

Delighting your end customer

For the end user, in addition to ease of use, ID verification systems increase the security and safety of personal data when the user performs an online operation. If done correctly, this may reduce the risk of the user’s identity being stolen and used for criminal purposes.

About Evalid

At Evalid we provide Identity Verification as a Service. Meaning we do the entire identity check for you, instead of just providing you with the software. Our experienced agents work around the clock to check and verify every entry, making sure we don't miss a thing. Want to find out more? Request a demo or get in touch!