Document verification

Electronically validate identity documents

Other than bank and credit card fraud, identity theft is a top issue for businesses. Document verification systems help reduce the risk of fraud, identity theft, financial loss, and regulatory risk.


Supported document types


Accurate information extraction

Confirming the authenticity of identity documents such as a passport, driving licence or government issued identity card is an important part of ID verification. Evalid’s online document verification service extracts, analyses, and verifies a multitude of document types in over 200 countries. Our software supports all document types available globally including passports, driver’s licenses, national identity cards, and residence permits.


Features to verify documents online

Our online document verification system extracts, analyses, and verifies a multitude of document types globally, simplifying document verification without compromising compliance.

Verify document online with biometric face recognition and liveness detection
Online real-time authentication of all kinds of personal documents
Artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically recognise documents
OCR and MRZ checksum validation
Supporting over 4500 document types in over 200 countries
Detect forged, fantasy, distorted, counterfeit, tampered, skewed or other low-quality documents
GDPR and eIDAS compliant
Audit trail for oversight

Easily detect


Benefits of online document verification

  • Reduce risk of document fraud, spoofing, imposter scams and other types of fraud
  • Replace manual based document checks
  • Verify birth certificate online along with other identity documents such as a passport or drivers’ licence
  • Automate the capture, extraction, and analysis of documents
  • Implement digital onboarding for customers
  • Improve your customer experience and conversion rates

Protecting your business against fraud

Authenticate and verify documents online using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), artificial intelligence, and machine learning for a superior level of protection. Evalid’s online document verification system is paired with real-world identity checks to stop bad actors from using stolen identities. Our system uses a combination of human intelligence, advanced fraud detection, and analytics to protect your business against different types of fraud.


Get started with an online solution!

Let an expert show you how easy it can be to integrate our automated document verification solution into your onboarding process, whether it be within your app, on your website or as an addition to an existing system. Request more information here and we’ll be in touch shortly.

About Evalid

At Evalid we provide Identity Verification as a Service. Meaning we do the entire identity check for you, instead of just providing you with the software. Our experienced agents work around the clock to check and verify every entry, making sure we don't miss a thing. Want to find out more? Request a demo or get in touch!