Our transparent and cost-effective ID verification solutions reduce compliance costs and the total cost of ownership. No fixed-term contracts, no hidden costs, no compromise. Reduce onboarding costs by choosing a price model suited to your needs!



per check

  • For 1-100 monthly checks
  • API access
  • Dashboard access
  • One monthly invoice
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per check

  • For 100-300 monthly checks
  • API access
  • Dashboard access
  • One monthly invoice
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per check

  • For 300+ monthly checks
  • API access
  • Dashboard access
  • One monthly invoice
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Want even more, or have other custom wishes? Everything is possible, request a demo or just contact us and we will work out a package that fits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can upgrade and add more verifications to your package at any time. Evalid is a customer-centric service. You can upgrade your package according to your volumes and requirements.

Yes. We do not have fixed-term contracts giving you the flexibility to cancel anytime. Your outstanding verifications simply roll-over until you’ve finished all the verifications you’ve paid for. As we have no fixed-term contracts, you can simply cancel at any time, offering you peace of mind and not committing to long-term agreements.

Our prices are excluding VAT. We simply send you an invoice for pricing based on the number of verifications you’ve chosen.

You can directly contact our sales team by emailing [email protected]. Our support team can be reached by sending an email to [email protected]. We aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.

If you exceed your quota, our team will contact you and you will continue on the agreed pricing. An invoice will be sent afterwards based on the number of extra checks but you are notified in advance to ensure all pricing and billing is transparent.

Yes, your data is safe in our secure system. Our system is only accessible to qualified personnel and your data is handled in compliance with relevant laws and by trained staff only.

Yes. We have a GDPR policy and our processes are built around GDPR. We ensure all our terms & conditions and handling of data is in accordance with GDPR to give you peace of mind your data is handled and stored in a compliant way.

Personal identifiable information including name, surname, date of birth, nationality, country of residence, phone number, address and a copy of the ID document, selfie, and video is stored for verification purposes but not longer than necessary.

We accept bank transfer, direct debit, and credit card payments, allowing flexible payment options depending on your needs.

Evalid supports more than 4500 documents from over 200 countries. We constantly review documents and add new ones to our system on an ongoing basis. Our system is continuously expanding to cover new jurisdictions and document types where available.

The minimum length of the agreement is one month.

Yes, our Verification-as-a-Service reviews, approves or rejects incoming identity verifications 24/7 365 days a year. We understand the importance of speed and availability which is a key prerequisite for verifications and onboarding.

Yes, this is part of our verification process. It’s a simple but effective way to verify a person's identity to ensure the person is real and who they say they are.

There are no setup charges unless you require a bespoke integration with a third-party system or out-of-the-box customisation.

Yes, we have access to all necessary sanction lists

Yes, we will provide you with a dedicated Key Account Manager who will be working closely together with you from day 1.

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