How Does Remote Identity Check in HR Work?

Identity checks are the first step in screening potential employees. A full verification service can include everything from verifying the identity to checking if the person has been taking part in any criminal activities or even terror organizations. The applicant will in a deep screening process be thoroughly investigated using certain databases such as regulatory, law enforcement, and other publicly available lists.

So let’s say a person is sending in an application for an advertised job opening. Before receiving an invitation for an interview, the applicants will receive an email with instructions about how to prove their identity. If the hiring company is using a third-party partner for the check and screening, the email will most likely contain a link taking the applicant to an online verification tool.

In this online tool, the applicants will be asked to photograph their ID document (front and back usually) and to take a photograph (selfie) of her-/himself holding the ID card. It might also include a short selfie video. The correlation between the selfie image, video, and the provided ID document will be checked in order to verify and authenticate the individual. .

The Benefits of Remote Identity Checks

The hiring company can find out information about an applicant’s criminal records, previous employment history and also secure the real identity. Running a proper identity check will help make sure your employees are qualified and trustworthy individuals who represent your company well.

As a hiring company, you can also run background checks on volunteers, interns, and consultants, or other third parties. To get the most out of a remote identity check and applicant screening, you need to use an online solution that is quick and straightforward to use. The best is then to partner up with a company specialized in identity- and ID checks.

Why Is It Good Using A Third-Party To Conduct The Identity Check?

Identity checks can be a burden for businesses.. They might also not have the proper experience needed to perform and acquire an accurate identity verification. In those cases, they will surely benefit from partnering up with an identity/ID verification company.

These verification companies have specialized their business on this specific service and therefore have developed the right set of checking tools and have access to many detailed and necessary databases which will secure an accurate and reliable identity check process.

When selecting a third-party partner for the online identity check, make sure to choose one with high-security standards as well as the necessary processes in place for validating results when needed. Security is a priority in this field since your applicant’s private information will be handled during the process.

What Do Identity Checks Cost And Is It Worth The Investment?

The cost to conduct these background checks varies depending on the company conducting them and how in-depth the employer wants to go into each one. There are different levels of screenings and most of the verification companies are open to adapting their tools and services to match the client’s needs.

Some companies offer just the identity check software while others a complete ID verification solution. Evalid is one remote identity check company that offers this as a full service. It is important to decide whether you as a company want to spend time on the identity verification process or if that should be outsourced. 

One thing to keep in mind for employers is that not all applicants will pass a background check – some people may have something in their pasts that could come back as a red flag or make them ineligible for the position they’re applying for. Furthermore, there is a risk that the applicant has provided a bogus identity document and could be a fraudster. 

The future of remote identity checks in HR

While remote background checks have many advantages for employers and employees alike, they are new enough that not all industries rely on them yet. In fact, some HR departments may still opt to handle identity checks themselves rather than outsource them to a third party.

However, as technology continues to evolve and the fact that remote work and services become more of a common standard, we will definitely see more and more of these online-based background checks and ID verification services being offered and used. In order to prevent fraud and becoming victims of identity theft, people will be more open to taking part in these online processes as well most likely.


In conclusion, while background checks can be expensive upfront depending on what service provider you use. They pay off with increased safety at work, fewer accidents happening because someone wasn’t qualified enough or the applicant/employee was not who he/she claimed to be.

If you have any questions about how to verify your applicant’s identity, give us a call or contact us through the website’s contact form. We would love to help out!

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