Know Your Customer solutions and services

Evalid’s frictionless KYC services provide you with all the tools needed to successfully onboard customers with ease and simplicity: advanced biometrics, document verification and powerful workflows.


Client Onboarding

Seamless KYC customer onboarding with customisable workflows and a personalised look and feel.

Identity Verification

Verify customers' identities and reduce the risk of fraud and spoofing.

Document Verification

Instant document capture and Optical Character Recognition to authenticate and verify personal identity documents.

AML Compliance

Accelerate and simplify ID verification without compromising KYC and AML compliance.

Agent Assisted

Video conferencing by a dedicated team of KYC and Fraud analysts to help comply with local regulations.


Onboarding and KYC service provider

As a leading KYC service provider, our artificial intelligence and machine learning identity verification solution onboards customers safely while minimising compliance risk. Fully customisable and personalised, our KYC solution brings together the best in human expertise and the latest technological advancements to offer a robust multi-layered approach to onboarding.

Let our solution address risks up front

Our KYC software helps financial institutions and businesses achieve regulatory compliance and meet the needs of an ever-changing marketplace. Know Your Customer is the first line of defence in customer acquisition and knowing with whom you are doing business with, to address any possible money laundering and fraud risks.

How can we help your company?

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