KYC & AML compliance

Confirm your customer's identity, mitigate fraud and money laundering risks

Digital onboarding is the first line of defence in protecting your business against unwanted bad actors. A KYC system that is AML compliant makes the difference between success and failure.


Why your business would want to be AML & KYC compliant

As technology gets smarter, so do fraudsters. Every two minutes a person is a victim of identity crime. Fraud can happen anywhere to anyone. Businesses and consumers are the targets of increasingly sophisticated attacks. The digital landscape is under threat by criminals seeking to exploit online channels.

The aim of the existing AML know your customer requirements is to protect businesses, consumers, and create a harmonised, transparent, and regulated environment. Failure to comply can lead to serious consequences including fines, reputation damage, and financial losses.


Features of our AML compliant system

Evalid’s KYC solution offers advanced fraud prevention using in-built controls to identify, mitigate and manage risk such as account takeover and spoofing. Our platform reduces friction, streamlines onboarding, and reduces compliance costs by automating manual checks.

Risk categorisation and scoring
AML Screening including PEPs and Sanctions checks
In-built anti-fraud controls
Custom rule writing and library of rules
High-risk alerting
Real-time identification
Multi-factor authentication
API to integrate with your in-house systems

Achieve KYC & AML compliance

Evalid’s identity verification protects businesses against financial crimes by using a multi-layered approach to achieve Know your customer and anti-money laundering compliance. A powerful combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and compliance rules work together to detect and prevent criminal activity.


Benefits of using our online KYC service

  • Seamless onboarding and compliance checks in one solution
  • Reduce the risk of fraud, money laundering and cyber-crimes across digital channels
  • Reduce false positives using automated matching
  • Increase straight-through-processing by quickly onboarding the good guys
  • Save time and costs by minimising manual checks
  • Maintain effective oversight with an audit trail and our customisable dashboards
  • Reduce the cost of compliance with a transparent pricing model

Get started with an online solution!

Let an expert show you how easy it can be to integrate our automated solution into your client onboarding process to comply with AML and KYC regulations, whether it be within your app, on your website or as an addition to an existing system. Request more information here and we’ll be in touch shortly.

About Evalid

At Evalid we provide Identity Verification as a Service. Meaning we do the entire identity check for you, instead of just providing you with the software. Our experienced agents work around the clock to check and verify every entry, making sure we don't miss a thing. Want to find out more? Request a demo or get in touch!