Client onboarding

Simple, safe, and seamless online onboarding for customers anywhere

Digitisation is revolutionising the way we do business. In the digital era, speed is king. Faster, better – lengthy processes can be a hindrance resulting in customer dissatisfaction, and abandonment - hitting top-line growth.


What is client onboarding?

KYC client onboarding is the process used to verify the identities of customers and assess the risks they may pose. This includes ID verification, detailed background checks, review of financials, and assessing risk factors according to your risk appetite. Identifying fraudsters, cyber-criminals, and other types of illicit financial activity in your KYC customer onboarding program protects against unwanted actors ruining your business.


Features to simplify customer onboarding

Accelerate customer onboarding by easily obtaining information during the account opening process. Our client onboarding software does exactly that by utilising the following features.

Identity verification
Document authentication
AML Screening PEPs and Sanctions
Phone and Email validation
Supporting over 4500 document types in over 200 countries
Selfie and liveness detection
Agent-assisted verification
Dashboard, analytics and audit trail

Smooth onboarding is important

The importance of onboarding your customers quickly and keeping them happy cannot be understated. KYC client onboarding, compliance checks and speed of execution is a delicate balance. Technology plays a vital role here. Choosing the right software can bring value to your business in various ways, such as cost savings and efficiencies.


Benefits of online client onboarding

  • Manually intensive tasks can now be automated
  • Onboarding processes that took days can now take a few minutes
  • Advanced analytics can detect complex patterns and behaviours never seen before
  • Intuitive dashboards give insight into customer activity, maintain governance, and effective oversight
  • Case management systems allow teams to work more collaboratively
  • Streamline and optimise digital onboarding
  • Improve user experience, conversions and time-to-revenue

Speed up onboarding while staying compliant

Evalid’s client onboarding solution brings together the best in identity verification, document authentication, AML compliance and agent-assisted work to offer a one-stop shop for client onboarding. The KYC onboarding meaning to Evalid is one we take very seriously – we are passionate about keeping the bad guys out and letting good people quickly access services they deserve.


Get started with an online solution!

Let an expert show you how easy it can be to integrate our automated solution into your client onboarding process, whether it be within your app, on your website or as an addition to an existing system. Request more information here and we’ll be in touch shortly.

About Evalid

At Evalid we provide Identity Verification as a Service. Meaning we do the entire identity check for you, instead of just providing you with the software. Our experienced agents work around the clock to check and verify every entry, making sure we don't miss a thing. Want to find out more? Request a demo or get in touch!