Improve Your Onboarding with Identity Checks Upfront

Most onboarding processes are time-consuming and frustrating. Why? Because their goal is to onboard new employees, not just onboard them into the company. This means that they need to take a number of steps before an employee can get started on day one, such as onboarding training or verifying who they are by checking their identity.

Identifying your employees early on and checking their identities upfront will help you improve key metrics like onboarding success rate and reduce frustration levels overall.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how identity checks can be implemented in your own onboarding process to make it more streamlined for both you and the individual being onboarded!

Being Proactive Will Pay Off

High-volume recruiting companies will need to onboard new hires in a quick and efficient manner, for those companies time is a key factor. Implementing an identity check during the application process will speed up the process and decrease the manual handling for each application. Another contributing factor is the good impression applicants get, it shows that the hiring company takes each application seriously.

Finding ways for a high-volume recruiting company to become more effective and streamlining processes is much appreciated and will in many cases also trigger different types of rewards and bonuses.

Both for business unit managers and recruiters, who are often being measured by the number of applications that are managed during a period, this is very important and will make their days easier in the long run.

But most importantly is the fact that it will secure the trustworthiness of the recruiting company. Trust is a long term revenue builder and the glue in a relationship.

Three Important Metrics for High-Volume Recruiters

In the onboarding process, recruiters should be looking into very specific metrics to measure success. The most important three are:

  1. Time to onboard an employee

    The time it takes to onboard a new hire

  2. Onboarding Success Rate

    The percentage of new hires that successfully complete onboarding

  3. Applicant Drop out rate

    The amount of applicants who drop out during onboarding, and exactly at what stage

The onboarding process is typically quite time consuming, since there are different aspects of onboarding that need attention and care. Finding a suitable recruitment source, composing an attractive job ad, manually handling each application with focus and care, checking the identity and background of each applicant.

However, if you use certain third party software or online tools during the onboarding process this might help saving valuable time. Make sure to check if these tools are compatible with your onboarding process and that you have all the necessary authorisations or access rights for employees who will be onboarded via this software.

If a recruiter is using an external partner for handling the identity verification part for example, he/she can instead use that time to manage the next step of the application and to serve the clients with much more dedication.

On an average a complete identity verification by Evalid takes somewhere around 5 minutes, which is considerably much lower than if this is done internally and manually by the recruiting company. The time (and money) saved on a yearly basis is then suddenly overwhelming.

The effect of outsourcing to experts is usually underestimated in most cases. It’s about zooming out and taking on a bigger perspective.


The onboarding process can sometimes be a complex process at high-volume recruiting companies. If the process is too time consuming, a good option is to outsource the identity verification part. The effects and advantages of outsourcing identity verification to experts is often underestimated by most companies. However this can and will be a valuable time- and money saver in the end.

Onboarding your employees smart, safe and time-effective and should be high on any company’s priorities list if they want to improve their onboarding KPIs significantly. Not only because of the fact that onboarding is one of the main tasks in any company’s agenda, but also because employers who don’t onboard their employees correctly are met with poor results.

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