Protect your recruitment agency from fraudulent employees

If you are a recruitment agency, you should definitely have the right mechanisms to conduct Right to Work checks. Besides, you also know the dangers, both financial and legal, that arise from hiring illegal workers.

Also the negative consequences of hiring fraudulent workers needs to be taken seriously.

When you are complying with Right to Work checks, you need to authenticate the documents provided by applicants. If you are an agency that recruits clients from different countries, it can be a complex task identifying which documents are issued in which country.

However, the process can be made easier through identity validation technology that is quicker and more efficient than manual processes. When verifying documents, you need to have a robust mechanism in place.

Rise in fake ID documents

The number of fake documents has been on the rise. And the people behind falsifying these documents have advanced their systems such that it is almost impossible to differentiate authentic documents from fake ones.

The risk of falling victim to fraudulent documents is even higher at a recruitment agency because this is where you get applications from people all over the world.

Therefore, when you are not vigilant enough, you might end up losing your credibility and reputation when an illegal worker slips through your nets. 

Falsified verification documents come from different parts of the world. Besides ID, passports and visas, some applicants will also falsify their academic records. Hence, each document should be subjected to the same measure of scrutiny.

Don’t be the agency that falls for it 

If an applicant is turned down at one agency because of submitting false documents, they will most likely look for the next agency to try their luck. They will use the same documents that were turned down at the first recruitment agency. 

If you have not invested in the right verification tools, resources and technology, you might be the agency that will fall prey to the illegal worker looking for a loophole in the hiring system. 

Unlike the popular belief that outsourcing ID verification is costly, the opposite is true.

While setting up the system at first will increase your annual expenses, it will save you on unnecessary fines, stolen property and the brand reputation being ruined.

It will also save you on the cost of recruiting and training new staff when you discover fraudulent workers. 

Would you risk it all for €1,50 per ID check?

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