Rise in remote work will fuel the need for ID Verification

Covid-19 led to many changes in the workplace. The main change that happened was the rise of a remote working environment. According to research, the number of remote workers has increased by around 91% over the last decade.   

Working from home has of course its advantages and disadvantages. While it boosts flexibility around the workplace, it is also prone to infiltration by fraudsters who want to compromise the company’s security.

To combat this, organizations have started to turn to ID verification systems and services that will allow them to authenticate individuals and maintain a high level of hiring security.  It is also a great way of strengthening the compliance with KYC- (Know-Your-Customer) and Anti-Money-Laundering regulations.

Challenges of a Remote Workplace 

In a physical work environment, employers know their employees physically. However, with remote working, an employer will hire an individual based on the information sent digitally. 

In a remote working environment, individuals can falsify their identity and act as genuine employees when in reality they’re trying to steal data from the company. This necessitates an ID verification system that will filter out genuine employees from fraudulent ones. 

With a solid identity verification process, businesses will comply with legal requirements and authenticate the identity of individuals they are onboarding to their organizations. An ID verification system keeps hackers and fraudsters at bay. 

The ID verification process is easy and fast. An applicant has to take an image of themselves accompanied by a government-issued ID. In some cases a short selfie video must be provided too.

The online verification tool confirms a match between the provided image and ID document, and performs a liveness check. The ease of automated verification makes it suitable for remote workers.

id verification to lower the cost of background checks

Benefits of ID Verification 

Using ID verification for your employees also boosts the authenticity of your organization and work processes. It’s making it easy for the organization to know the duties delegated to every employee. When the employer does not know who is handling specific duties, it is hard to make people accountable for their mistakes. 

In addition, ID verification also helps in the hiring process. Through video conferencing platforms such as Skype and Zoom, companies can hire employees online. However, this is also a challenging task because some applicants can submit false information.

By using a proper ID verification service like Evalid, businesses can conduct due diligence on the submitted documents, secure the identity of both new and existing employees and keep fraudsters out. 

In Summary 

Besides benefiting employees and employers by boosting confidence, ID verification is also crucial in complying with Know-Your-Customer rules and anti-money laundering regulations.

A service such as Evalid will help your company be sure of who you’re employing, even remotely. It’s easy to integrate into any hiring process, and with prices starting at €1,50 per check it won’t break the bank either!

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