Why Identity Verification is a Top Priority when Hiring Remote Workers

Why Identity Verification is a Top Priority when Hiring Remote Workers

The remote workforce is rapidly growing. A statistics report at the beginning of 2021 revealed that 18% of people work remotely. This number was not only fuelled by the Covid-19 pandemic but also the rapid advancement of digital platforms. Companies are quickly adopting to relocate their workers from office environments to working from home.   

As much as remote working has its advantages to both employers and employees, it also presents a myriad of challenges, especially in hiring new staff. Companies have to put measures in place during the interview and hiring process to help in identity verification and employee monitoring. 

Identity verification is a crucial aspect in hiring remote workers because of the following reasons: 

Boosts Workplace Safety

One of the major limitations of a virtual hiring process is that employers do not get a chance to meet the applicants, but only rely on the documents and video conferencing interviews sent over the internet. This exposes the workplace to fraudulent employees. 

However, when you have the right identity-verification tool, you do not only detect fraudulent employees, but the process will also discourage bad actors from applying. 

HR Com’s, a HR Research Institute, conducted a survey in 2019, where 35% of respondents believed that identity theft would be rampant in the coming years. As a firm hiring remote workers, identity verification remains key to boosting safety for your company and your customers. 

Enhances the Hiring Process 

The hiring process in a remote work environment can be a challenge, especially in verifying the identity of every applicant. However, through automated identity verification, you can verify identity at the start of the hiring process, making the entire process easier and faster. 

Besides, automated identity verification also reduces the risk of human errors made during data entry, thus boosting efficiency further. The identity verification process has greatly evolved, given that through a smartphone remote workers can access a verification tool that accurately scans data from their government-issued identity cards. 

Boosts Confidence 

When an individual is applying to your company and goes through identity verification as part of the screening process, it boosts their confidence in the company. It creates the idea that they will be working with an employer who is thorough and proactive, and has a proper onboarding procedure in place. 

In Summary 

Factual details are vital when onboarding new employees. If you are hiring remote workers, you need to verify that they are not lying about their identity. Through identity verification, you reduce the risk of exposing your company, employees and customers to bad actors. It will also save on time and lower costs.

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